Know About Home Improvement Deck Care

A deck is a great outdoor space to hang out, relax and throw a backyard party for friends.  Decks come in all shapes, sizes and designs.  Many homes have them and for those that don’t you can bet the homeowner has at least considered adding one.  They are so useful, but can be quite expensive to build, so it is essential for you to learn how to maintain your deck so it lasts a long time.The first key to deck maintenance is cleaning it.  With a deck being outside it often gets neglected when it comes to keeping it clean.

However, keeping it free of debris and dirt will help to prolong its life.  You should sweep it regularly and twice a year scrub it down to remove mold and debris.  Be sure to clean in the cracks, too. They easily collect dirt and can rot away quickly. You should also seal your deck with a water sealer or stain.  This will keep water from seeping into the wood and speeding up decay and rot.  You should reapply sealer or stain every two years to maintain a good coating.  If it is pealing or water is not beading up then you should reapply even if it has not been two years. For better tips visit- deck repair in Lincoln NE .

Make sure to get every area of the deck, including the sides and cracks between boards.  The more protection coverage the less chance of damage from decay. You should also replace any broken or damaged pieces right away.  This is especially important for any rotting wood pieces or loose pieces.  Besides keeping you deck looking good, replacing damaged pieces also keeps it safe.  A damaged board that is stepped on could send you or someone else falling through, which could result in even worse damage.  Do not forget to seal or stain the new pieces. Doing these few simple things for your deck will keep it looking great.